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Mission to help with hearing loss in Children

Monday 11th November 2019
Hearing loss in Children

Our Mediplacements Audiologists are taking on a charitable quest in Zimbabwe this November.

Miru and Hemna, along with two of their fellow students, are traveling out to the capital Harare and western rural provinces to carry out audiology clinics for children in the area.

Hearing loss has a huge impact on children in Zimbabwe as it affects their language development and makes it harder for them during education, in turn affecting their core skills and limiting their prospects.

Working with non-profit organisation Hear to Aid the group will be focusing on identifying and treating ear infections, carrying out micro-suctions, assessing hearing and fitting hearing aids so that these children can have a better quality of life.

Also, during their three weeks in the African country they will also have the privilege of giving a lecture at a local university to share their knowledge in the profession and help inspire upcoming new students to become Audiologist professionals.

However, none of this will be possible without the help and support of the public. In order to carry out their work the group need to raise a total of £1,000.

If you would like to help by donating, please click here.