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Angela Newbury

Angela has been with The Placement Group since 1998, and is an integral member of our relationship management team. With excellent contacts in the medical sector, Angela is always at the forefront of NHS and private health based news.

Dr. Mathew Horton

Matthew has been consulting for The Placement Group for over 6 years, his expert knowledge is invaluable in helping The Placement Group forward plan. Now Matthew's knowledge is available to the whole medical profession through the articles he writes for The Placement Group.

Martin Lambert

In the past Matthew has spent many years recruiting medical locums. His experience as a recruitment consultant gives him excellent insight into the news articles that really matter to the medical professions.

James Puckle

James has worked on our Audiology and Cardiology recruitment desks, and now contributes to our medical news area. Speaking to locums on a daily basis, he's always finding out the breaking information across the UK.

Alex Franklin Stortford

Alex, currently working in the The Placement Group accounts department, is an excellent addition to the news team. His knowledge of locum pay scales, government taxation and contacts within the NHS allow him to write valuable articles for anyone working in the medical industry..