Navigating the Imminent NHS Framework Update: What It Means for You

Friday 7th June 2024


With the imminent change mandated by NHS England and the government, all NHS Trusts will end the use of off-framework agencies by July 2024. This development might seem concerning, but if you are a candidate or client with us, there's no need to worry. Our agency is framework-approved, ensuring that these changes will not affect you. Here’s what you need to know to understand how this impacts different groups.

For Candidates

Already Registered with Us?
If you're a candidate currently registered with our agency, you can relax. Our framework approval means you can continue working with us without any disruption. We adhere to the highest standards and are fully compliant with the new regulations, ensuring your job opportunities remain secure and plentiful.

Working with an Off-Framework Agency?
If you are currently working with an off-framework agency, it's important to note that by July 2024, you will no longer be able to secure placements through them. The NHS will cease all associations with off-framework agencies. To ensure your employment remains viable, you will need to switch to a framework-approved agency like ours. This transition will not only keep you compliant with the new regulations but also provide better job security and access to more opportunities.

How can we help?
Navigating the upcoming changes can be daunting, but we’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you. Our team is dedicated to supporting you through this change, offering personalised support for any advice, assistance with paperwork, or questions you may have. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We're committed to ensuring your transition is as seamless as possible.

For Clients

Using Our Staffing Services?
For our valued clients already using our staffing services, rest assured that our framework approval ensures our operations are fully compliant with the upcoming NHS England regulations. You will continue to receive high-quality staffing solutions without any interruptions, maintaining the standards you expect from us.

Working with Off-Framework Agencies?
If you are currently engaging agency workers via off-framework suppliers, these workers will need to be removed or transferred to a framework agency before the July deadline. ICBs have been instructed to monitor adherence, with any off-framework use between now and July requiring sign-off by Trust Chief Executives.

How can we help?
We understand this has the potential to be a challenging time for you and the agency workers you engage with. Our team has already successfully delivered a range of strategies to help numerous Trusts remove off-framework spend and meet this mandate. If you wish to discuss this issue and learn how we can assist, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us any time on 0330 999 0207.

Click here to read the NHS England PDF outlining the change
(Relevant section on page 32)