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Follow our Top Five Tips and ‘Getaway’ from the Winter Blues

Monday 20th January 2020
Winter Blues

We get it, it’s not uncommon to feel down and lethargic at this time of year. With gloomy winter skies and shorter days, it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself.

There are many top tips to get through this, our personal favourites are:

1. Stay Active – anything from a short walk, to joining a local club or gym can help you benefit from an endorphin release.

2. Keep in Touch – interaction with others can play a key part in boosting your mood. Get together with friends / family, socialise and let laughter be the best medicine.

3. Eat healthily – you hear it time and time again but what you put into your body matters. Eating more complex carbs like spinach and potatoes help as they take longer to process and don’t cause havoc with your blood sugar levels.

4. Get some fresh air – wrap up, spend more time outside and take in some natural vitamin D.

5. Failure to plan is planning for failure – give yourself something to look forward to… Here’s our cue to step in…

Win a City Break for Two and finally break out of your winter blues hibernation!

Thanks to everyone that entered our competition, it’s now ended. A winner will be selected soon and contacted.