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Eggs in new heart disease link

Monday 18th March 2019
New research from the US has shown a link between eggs and heart disease, but experts recommend taking other factors into consideration.
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Eating eggs has been linked to increased risk of heart and circulatory disease in a new study carried out in the US.

The popular foodstuff is among the most common forms of dietary cholesterol and could even lead to death, according to the new study, which has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Over the course of 31 years, some 30,000 individuals saw their data being analysed for the research.

It discovered that 300mg of dietary cholesterol per day correlated with a 17 per cent greater risk of heart and circulatory disease. In addition, it was found that 300mg was associated with an 18 per cent higher risk of death.

While the findings shed new light on the role of eggs in the diet, there are limitations to the study, such as the fact it is observational and therefore does not prove cause and effect.

It’s important that anyone looking at the results of the study takes other factors, such as lifestyle and genetics, into consideration before jumping to conclusions.

Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: “There has been much debate about the role of eggs in relation to heart and circulatory disease. This study suggests that people who eat more eggs are at a greater risk of heart disease because of the cholesterol that’s in them.

“But this type of study can only show an association, rather than cause and effect, and more research is needed for us to understand the reasons behind this link.”

Commenting on the research, many experts have said that eggs can be part of a healthy diet and that it’s the accompaniments, as well as the eggs themselves, that should be considered.

For example, eating poached eggs on wholegrain toast is much better for the body than consuming them as part of a fry-up.

Written by Matthew Horton

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