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Eamonn Holmes reveals importance of audiology tests

Wednesday 17th October 2018
TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has revealed how his misconception that hearing problems only applied to older people turned out to be untrue.
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TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has revealed how seeing an audiologist has made a big difference to his life, after he discovered he needed a hearing aid.

The celebrity visited a Specsavers audiologist after his family noticed that he was not hearing the words they said as clearly as before. He admitted they were quicker to notice the problem than him, but it was still taking its toll, as he was struggling to join in conversations during public gatherings in noisy, crowded places.

However, after getting checked out it was found he needed a hearing aid and can now use this whenever he needs it, meaning he no longer feels "left out" of social gatherings or unable to have a conversation while the TV is on.

He remarked: "Without the hearing aid, I find it difficult to hear conversation in crowded surroundings such as parties and pubs. 

"In those circumstances it is much more difficult to pick out speech from the background noise. I shy away from social gatherings, particularly parties, because there is only so many times you can say: "Pardon? What did you say?”'

Mr Holmes went on to note that hearing loss can occur much earlier in life than many people imagine, contrary to the perception that this is a form of disability that only happens in later life. 

The TV presenter went on to tell the Derby Telegraph that he learned another health fact that shows the value of audiology - the potential link between hearing loss and dementia in later life. 

He said he had "absolutely no idea" beforehand about this, adding that early intervention to tackle the problem can help reduce the chances of suffering cognitive decline later on. 

Potential symptoms of hearing loss listed by the NHS include finding difficulty in hearing people on the phone, feeling like characters are mumbling in films at the cinema and having to ask people to repeat their words during conversations.

Written by James Puckle

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