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Hearing charity issues tinnitus warning to freshers

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Freshers have been warned that their early days at university could pose a danger to their hearing.
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Students starting university this month have been warned they could end up suffering ear damage due to the high volume of sound at some Freshers' Week events. 

Action on Hearing Loss has said a period of non-stop partying with loud music can take its toll on the ears and it has urged students to wear ear plugs while at clubs, bars and concerts during the early part of the academic year.

It noted that while most people have experienced ringing in their ears the morning after a party, six million tinnitus sufferers in Britain have this and other conditions such as buzzing and whistling all the time.

While tinnitus symptoms can be temporary, often the damage is permanent and that is what those exposing themselves to frequent loud music risk. 

The charity said its own research finding 72 per cent of clubbers would wear earplugs if they were provided, but this is something only some of them do. 

As well as wearing earplugs, the charity advised that people take breaks from the sound and avoid getting too close to the speakers.

Senior audiologist at Action on Hearing Loss Gemma Twitchen said: "We don’t want people to stop going to music events - that’s not what this is about. There is a misconception that if you wear ear plugs you can’t hear or enjoy the music, but this is simply not true! 

"Ear plugs will block out the dangerous sound frequencies, still allowing you to listen to the music and enjoy it.”

The charity noted that research is ongoing into possible cures for tinnitus and noted that it can be caused by temporary factors, such as excessive ear wax. 

However, for the most part, treatment for the condition consists of finding coping mechanisms, This may include psychological help in the event of the condition being stress-related, but may also mean the use of hearing aids if the condition is a direct result of ear damage. 

Written by James Puckle

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