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Dedicated diabetic foot clinics launched in Lincolnshire

Thursday 1st February 2018
New clinics designed specifically to treat diabetic foot have been set up in two Lincolnshire hospitals. Image: Wavebreakmedia via iStock
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The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has launched two new clinics specifically designed to spot the signs of and treat diabetic foot in an attempt to reduce lower limb amputation levels throughout the county.

Clinics have been set up at Lincoln County Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital, where patients with diabetes who are concerned about their risk of foot ulcers and associated infections can receive advice and care from a team of specialist podiatrists, nurses, surgeons and microbiologists, among others.

The aim of the clinics is to reduce the number of avoidable foot and leg amputations performed in Lincolnshire each year, by identifying the signs of diabetic foot early so that patients can try to turn their situation around, getting a better hold on their diabetes management so that surgery is only ever a last resort.

Statistics show that on average 25 major lower limb amputations are carried out across the county each year due to infections arising from diabetes. Of these, it is believed that four out of five could be prevented - something it is hoped will be achieved as a result of the new clinics.

Patients will be able to speak to experts about any concerns they may have regarding their foot health, learn steps to improve their circulation and keep on top of their blood sugar levels to make sure a healthy supply is continuing to flow to their feet at all times. This should therefore help to reduce the risk of ulcers, infections and subsequent amputations.

Murali Subramaniam, a vascular surgeon on the team, explained: "Time is so important in these cases and having to wait for a referral to the diabetes foot team or vascular team could make a real difference.

"By having these clinics, a patient can come in, see a diabetes doctor, have their foot treated by the podiatrist, they can seek the advice of the vascular team and can have scans, treatments and check-ups all in one visit."

Written by Angela Newbury

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