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Radiographers celebrate global awareness day

Wednesday 18th November 2015
World Radiography Day took place across the globe on November 8th. Image credit: Ibusca
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The X-ray marked its 120th birthday last week (November 8th), with radiographers across the globe taking part in events for the annual World Radiography Day.

This event takes place on the same date each year, providing the industry with a chance to promote its work and new innovations in X-ray technology, as well as celebrating how far it has come since its early days.

It was in 1895 that Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen first discovered the process of X-radiation, later known as the X-ray, which was widely regarded as something of a medical miracle by his peers.

World Radiography Day is run by the Society of Radiographers and sees people around the world come together to celebrate the work X-rays have made possible throughout history.

Today, they are used on a daily basis for everything from detecting bone fractures to diagnosing lung cancer.

To coincide with the event, Care UK spoke to radiographer Helen Cleary to discuss her career in the X-ray industry so far and how it has changed since her early days in the job. After spending 12 years raising a family, Ms Cleary returned to the profession only to find that everything had altered beyond recognition. With so many changes in just over a decade, it's hard to imagine the number of shifts that have taken place during the past 120 years.

Ms Cleary now works for a mobile X-ray unit in the north-west of England, which travels around communities in the region to use the latest mobile X-ray technology to scan local people for signs of osteoporosis in anyone over the age of 20.

She was helped back into the profession by Care UK's Janet Ritchie, who leads the mobile DXA service project.

Written by Megan Smith

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