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New X-ray diagnostic imaging could change developing countries

Tuesday 28th April 2015
A new X-ray machine has been created to address the specific needs of developing countries. Image Credit: Liquid Library
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Finding healthcare equipment that is suitable for both the economic and weather climate of developing countries poses obstacles, but a new X-ray is designed to address these unique challenges.

Access to radiography equipment is a particular obstacle as they usually need the specialist skills of a radiographer and cannot tolerate the specific climate. However, this limitation is posing a serious public health problem for many developing countries from diagnosing cancer to screening for TB.

Now GlobalDiagnostiX has developed the first medical radiography device specifically designed with these regions in mind. It is ten times cheaper than the existing equipment, including initial purchase and maintenance over ten years, while it is also designed to tolerate the harsh tropical climate and the consequences of high temperatures, humidity and dust.

It has also been designed to withstand shock as well as the hostile climate. The device includes an examination stand, which was designed to avoid any electrical controls. It is also completely adjustable, being able to move up, down, and turn depending on the body part to be X-rayed. 

Made entirely of mechanical, solid and stainless constituents, it is robust and designed to prevent against errors that could lead to shocks or bad radiographies. The device also has a new radiographic image sensor that is able to withstand shocks, as well as the temperature and humidity. 

It is also designed to be able to be used in any hospital, with its resistance to often inadequate or undersized electrical networks. The device has a specialist power module, meaning that it won't overload the entire hospital system and can even operate for several hours without an external energy supply.

Although the device is only at the prototype stage, it is hoped the project will gather the funds it needs to take the new X-ray machine to developing countries.

Written by Angela Newbury

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