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Why podiatry is important during pregnancy

Tuesday 16th December 2014
Podiatry can be an important part of ensuring women remain as healthy as possible during pregnancy. Image Credit: Thinkstock
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Many women focus on their diet and changing lifestyle habits, such as stopping smoking and drinking, to ensure they remain healthy during their pregnancy. However, maintaining good foot health is also important during this period.

Not only does podiatry help deal with problems surrounding your feet, but can also ensure that you have no problems with balance, which can lead to falls or accidents during pregnancy. 

One of the most common problems pregnant ladies complain about is that they have swollen feet and ankles, which can make even everyday tasks seem tiring. This is so abundant in pregnancy as the body holds on to more water during this time, which tends to be found in the feet and ankles towards the end of the day.

Although this isn't harmful to an unborn child, it can be incredibly uncomfortable for expectant mums. There are some small things you can do to try and prevent your feet and ankles from becoming swollen, such as avoiding standing for long periods and wearing good, comfortable shoes. A podiatrist can help give you guidance about what type of shoes can help support feet during pregnancy.

Putting your feet up as much as possible can also help, as well as doing some recommended foot exercises.

If you are worried about the swelling around your ankles or feet, you should see your GP who may refer you to a podiatrist. Serious swelling can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, though most women who experience swelling are perfectly healthy.

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy condition that can be dangerous if not properly monitored, and symptoms include severe headaches, problems with vision and severe pain in your ribs. 

Paying regular visits to a podiatrist over the course of your pregnancy can help reduce discomfort, as well as notify you to any signs that you may be developing some other problem.

Written by Angela Newbury

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