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Breast cancer screening not thorough enough

Friday 19th April 2013
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Obtaining two views of a 3D breast screening is the best way of ensuring that any potential for cancer is not missed by health experts, US researchers have suggested.

Currently, only one view of any screening is taken, as it means patients are subjected to a reduced amount of radiation.

But experts from Yale University claim that such an approach could allow some cases of breast cancer to go undetected.

Seven breast imagers reviewed 164 cancers visualised with only one view, and took notes on what views the cancers could be seen in.

They found that 56 per cent of cancers were equally well seen on both the mediolateral oblique (MLO) view, which is commonly used in practices throughout Europe, while 34 per cent of cancers were either seen more clearly, or only seen on a craniocaudal view (CC).

Dr Noa Beck, who led the study said: "The CC view achieves better compression, and this likely explains the reason the CC view showed lesions more clearly. In a few cases, lesions were only seen on the MLO view because of where the cancers were located in the breast."

She added that obtaining both views would be necessary in order to enhance the chances of spotting the cancer.

Written by Martin Lambert

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