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Deaths from MRSA and C. Diff continue to fall

Wednesday 22nd August 2012
Hospitals are working hard to reduce MRSA deaths, although other bugs could take its place.
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The number of people dying after contracting MRSA or Clostridium difficile (C. Diff) has fallen, according to a new report.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that in 2010 485 people were killed by MRSA, dropping by a quarter to 364 last year.

The study revealed that for both males and females there was a five-fold decrease in the age-standardised rate for deaths involving MRSA between 2007 and 2011.

Another report showed that in 2011 2,053 people died after being infected by C. Diff, which was 651 fewer than in 2010.

MRSA often finds its entry point into the human body through surgical wounds, burns or intravenous drips, and the bug is more common in the elderly and weak as they are vulnerable to infection.

Increased awareness in recent years has helped to reduce the rates of MRSA, however, the NHS said that there is still a considerable strain on healthcare services because of the infection.

The health body advises that anyone working, staying in or visiting a hospital washes their hands before and after they leave the building, with antibacterial gel being found in many wards. Patients who are going into hospital for an operation can be asked to be screened against MRSA.

Simon Burns, health minister, told the BBC: "The news that MRSA deaths are lower than at any point in the last 15 years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of NHS staff across the country."

Earlier this month, actress Tina Hobley, who starred in medical drama Holby City, told of her experience of contracting MRSA. She was being treated for a broken arm in a London hospital seven years ago when the condition was discovered.

"It’s awful to think the whole thing could have been prevented if I had spoken up a bit and said, ‘Please put gloves on before looking at my wounds. Please put a mask on before you breathe over my wound’.

"People are afraid to speak out. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and of course I wished I had spoken out, but now I make sure I always take my own kit in," she told The Sun.

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written by James PuckleADNFCR-1780-ID-801434152-ADNFCR

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