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New drug 'treats stroke in irregular heartbeat patients more conveniently'

Thursday 11th August 2011
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A new drug has been proven to be adequate at treating stroke in irregular heartbeat patients, while also being easier to administer.

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that rivaroxaban was just as effective as warfarin at cutting the risk of stroke among patients with this condition.

Usage of warfarin has to be monitored as its effects can be altered by other medications and diet, while those taking rivaroxaban do not require such close observation.

Manesh R Patel, of Duke University, said: "The results of this large global trial have convincingly shown rivaroxaban to be an alternative to warfarin in treating patients with atrial fibrillation and, importantly, with no increase in bleeding."

In other news, research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine has found that heart patients who obtained new statin prescriptions through a mail-order system experienced better control of their cholesterol than those who collected their drugs from a pharmacy.

Written by Angela Newbury


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