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Doctors 'find more cancers than patients'

Tuesday 19th July 2011
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Screening for melanoma by physicians is linked to finding more cancers than patient self-detection, a study has indicated.

Research published in the Archives of Dermatology revealed physician-based screening to be associated with higher rates of physician-detected melanoma and detection of thinner melanoma.

Physicians were seen to detect 82 per cent of melanomas in established patients and 63 per cent in new patients, as opposed to the 18 per cent detection rate measured in patient self-detection.

The authors concluded: "It is crucial to emphasize that a combined strategy of physician detection and patient participation must continue to be implemented to ensure early melanoma diagnosis."

Meanwhile, a study conducted at the University of California has found that stem cell therapy could be used to restore cognition in some brain cancer patients.

According to the report, published in journal Cancer Research, the therapy may have the potential to return functional learning and memory to patients who undergo radiation therapy.

Written by James Puckle

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