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3D imaging could boost lung cancer diagnoses by radiographers

Tuesday 5th July 2011
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Scanning for lung cancer can be improved by allowing those in radiographer and cardiac jobs to take advantage of new 3D imaging technology, research suggests.

Using x-ray computed tomography (CT) scans in conjunction with 3D cell imaging can improve the utility of screening results in high risk individuals, according to data presented by VisionGate.

The company has developed a 3D imaging technology, known as LuCED, which it claims can accurately detect cancer cells, with a lower incidence of false positives which can hamper standard chest x-ray examination results.

Arizona State University's Dr Claudia Henschke said: "VisionGate's LuCED technology has demonstrated promise as an approach that may increase the feasibility of implementing widespread screening of high risk individuals, initially being used as an adjunct to improve the accuracy of CT scan results, with the potential to be used as a primary screening tool."

Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world, with 1.61 million new cases diagnosed every year, according to figures from Cancer Research UK.

The majority of lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoking.

Written by Angela NewburyADNFCR-1780-ID-800611821-ADNFCR

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