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Mammography 'reduces breast cancer mortality rate'

Tuesday 28th June 2011
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    Mammography screening reduces rates of breast cancer mortality, new findings have indicated.

    A study published in journal Radiology has revealed that breast cancer screening with mammography is linked to a substantial reduction in mortality risk in the long term.

    The study analysed results and follow up data from the Swedish Two-County Trial of mammographic screening conducted 29 years.

    At the conclusion of the original study, there were 30 per cent fewer breast cancer deaths among all women in the group invited to undergo screening.

    It was found that over the follow-up period, the absolute benefit of lives saved increased with longer follow-up times.

    After 29 years, the estimated number of women who needed to undergo screening every two or three years over a seven-year period to prevent one death from breast cancer was between 414 and 519.

    This follows research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology which revealed that a new biomarker could identify which breast cancer patients will respond to anti-oestrogen therapy.

    Written by Angela Newbury

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