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GPs failing to identify early-stage dementia

Monday 20th June 2011
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    Many general practitioners (GPs) are failing to correctly identify dementia in its early stages, research has shown.

    A University of Leicester study found that just 45 per cent of people with early dementia and mild cognitive impairment were recognised in the trial.

    However, eight out of ten individuals with moderate to severe dementia were identified.

    Dr Alex Mitchell, of the university, said: "This study highlights for the first time that GPs trying to identify dementia actually make more false positive errors, with misidentifications outnumbering missed cases at least two to one."

    He continued that patients with depression or hearing problems were at the highest risk of being misdiagnosed with dementia.

    This follows research from Kent State University which revealed that testing improves many different types of memory rather than just 'target memory'.

    According to research Kalif Vaughn, giving a correct answer during a test improved memory performance later on.

    Posted by Megan Smith

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