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Nurses vote 'no confidence' in Lansley

Thursday 14th April 2011
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    The Royal College of Nursing has overwhelmingly given health secretary Andrew Lansley a vote of no confidence, with 96 per cent of delegates choosing to do so.

    This follows Mr Lansley's decision to speak to address a group of just 65 nurses at the Royal College of Nursing conference instead of braving a larger audience.

    The health secretary apologised after hearing the results of the vote, saying that he was sorry if he had failed to communicate what he was setting out to do.

    "I would be joining you in voting against me if I thought the product of what I was doing was to undermine the NHS," he added.

    However, this type of apology may not be what some nurses were waiting for, with NHS reforms seeing front line services being cut and public sector jobs being put in jeopardy.

    Written by Mathew Horton

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